Zista Digital

Zista Digital is a team of student marketing specialists with expertise in India and South Asia. We focus on high quality work and deliver meaningful outcomes for our clients. What sets us apart is our ‘all inclusive’ approach to digital and a deep understanding of the market. Our team has worked on 400+ brand and lead generation projects for universities, education institutes and service providers from across the globe.
Zista Digital is a division of Zista Education.

Our Purpose

Craft digital engagement solutions that enable meaningful interactions between educational organizations and learners.

Our Vision

To be the leading education marketing partner in the Indian subcontinent for educational organizations.

All-Inclusive Approach

Zista Digital provides holistic solutions to clients in areas like lead generation, content marketing, and video marketing. Our ‘all-inclusive’ approach encompasses all elements – research, strategy, design and execution. We focus on outcomes that matter.

Local Market Expertise

Clients benefit from our extensive market knowledge and insights. Our teams have travelled extensively across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, and collectively possess 227 people-years of higher education experience. We know what motivates and drives students, and leverage those insights in the creative outputs we generate.

What Makes Us Different

Significant digital marketing experience in the higher education space.

Our extensive field experience helps us select accurate targeting parameters.

Paid social activations on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linked In, is a core strength.

We understand the motivations, aspirations, drivers and behaviors of students in the Indian subcontinent.

Our Approach in a nutshell


Lead Generation

Expand the width and depth of your digital outreach in the Indian subcontinent. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness, promote your institute, a set of programs or a specific intake, we can customize a solution that works for you.

Service Differentiators

We leverage our insights and market knowledge to create hyper-focused campaigns

Our education counselors qualify each lead

Real-time counselor feedback enables us to optimize and deliver better results

Our service model encompasses all elements – strategy, messaging, design, media spends and reporting

Content Marketing

Drive and motivate your target audience by engaging with them holistically. Create and share content that is useful and relevant.

Service Differentiators

We use our insights and create content that adds genuine value to the intended TG.

Strong focus on design excellence.

We adhere to brand guidelines.

What we create – posts, blogs, videos, infographics, e-books et al.

Video Services

Our video production crew is motely bunch of creative thinkers. We work with in-house resources and external collaborators, based on the needs of the project and the overall mandate.

Use Cases

Professional video testimonial with an alumnus residing in India

WhatsApp-friendly student marketing video that showcases USPs of your institute.

WhatsApp-friendly student marketing video that highlights a specific program.


We worked with Zista for promoting our specialised master's program. They did an excellent job in increasing our presence and helped us in recruiting quality students. Amit and Mitali (my point of contact) have been extremely professional and helpful, and we had a pleasure working with them. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to working with you again.

Abhilasha Chitnis - Country Coordinator (South Asia) - David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, USA

Zista has developed a number of very successful campaigns that have resulted in significant student recruitment from India during my time working with them. If you are looking to recruit students from India I would highly recommend the services of Zista education.

Dr. Scott Richardson - Executive Dean and Associate Professor, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management

"Zista has done an excellent job marketing our webinars and virtual open days on social media.

Dafi Forer Kremer - Director, Marketing & Recruitment Bar-Ilan University International School, Israel

"ECE has been working with Zista for almost a year, first in India only and now in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, and we couldn’t be happier. In the time we have been advertising in India, we have seen dramatic growth in our results from that market. Our main contacts, Amit and Russel, are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, driven, and thorough, and above all they are an absolute pleasure to work with. We are very satisfied with our partnership with Zista and highly recommend them to others.

Leigh Lane Peine - Senior Director of Marketing Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), USA

"Working with Zista Digital is always a positive experience. They have a great understanding of the market and know how to reach our target audience. More importantly, they work as true collaborators to fine tune the project to your specific needs.

Faye Fernandes - Assistant Area Manager - Indian Subcontinent Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School @ Torrens University, Australia


* In the case of Vatel Hotel & Tourism Business School, Zista Digital is executing campaigns for Vatel Bordeaux.

Working In-House

Zista Digital drives activations and registrations for the subject-specific education fairs organized by Zista Events.

Case Snapshots


Context: A higher education institute from the U.S. wanted to boost enrolments for its bachelor programs. It had not executed any marketing or tactical promotions in the market for close to two years.

Solution: We analyzed past enrolment data and local market trends. We finalized a set of focus programs, target cities, ad platforms and campaign pegs. Custom landing pages and ads were created for each platform.

450+ leads generated. 81 potential prospects were in the pipeline; some were looking at the immediate intake, some at future intakes.


Context: A leading university from the U.S. wanted to boost enrolments for its Master Degree programs. It has a dedicated country manager and an existing network of agents.

Solution: We participated in virtual training sessions and understood key USPs of each program. We brainstormed with the team, co-created a campaign plan and shortlisted 8 focus cities.
Custom campaigns, ads and landing pages were created for each program.

Outcome: 1125+ leads generated. 228 leads expressed interest. 83 high potential prospects were looking at upcoming intakes.


Context: A high education from Switzerland wanted to drive registrations for a seminar in Sri Lanka, within a limited promotional window.

Solution: We co-created a presentation deck with the institute, designed custom creatives and executed. 4 micro campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each campaign used hyper-focused targeting to zero in on the right set of users.

Outcome: 100+ leads generated. 23 leads attended the event. 1 student enrolled in the immediate intake. 2 high potential prospects were looking at future intakes.


Context: A network of premier Swiss boarding schools wanted to increase enrolments for their summer programs. They wanted to boost brand visibility amongst students, parents and high school counselors.

Solution: We created a program-activity grid after studying each school and each summer program. We formulated an activation plan to target each stakeholder. In addition to digital campaigns, e-mailers were sent to high school counselors.

Outcome: 800+ leads generated. 204 students expressed interest. 137 students wanted to schedule interactions with specific Swiss boarding schools.


Context: A higher education institute from Dubai offering BBA and MBA programs wanted to increase its enrolments for a specific intake. It had a few seats left and wanted to highlight seat availability and application deadlines.

Solution: We spent time understanding the USPs of the institute and its programs. The campaign used compelling creatives that focused on three pegs – location, learning outcomes and employability.

Outcome: 350+ leads generated. 43 students expressed interest in future intakes. 8 students were at different stages of the enrolment funnel for that specific intake.


Context: A higher education institute from Australia wanted to boost enrolments for its new Online MBA program. The program consisted of smaller modules. Students could sign-up for specific modules or the entire program.

Solution: We designed an activation strategy for B2C enrolments and targeted users on LinkedIn and Facebook. Hyper-focused campaigns tapped users from specific industries and backgrounds.

Outcome: 150+ leads generated. 16 high potentials for specific modules. 4 high potentials for the entire program. 2 prospects were evaluating an on-campus program.